Well guys, I managed to go to London even this year, this time together with my friend no more Claudio. We explored some outstanding nightlife in gothic and metal places.

The most meaningful moments are coming to my mind at random. To most of the readers they will mean nothing, but here they go:

HMS Belfast

  • Claudio’s super uncomfortable bag
  • dog races at Mida’s Touch
  • events regarding Flavia at Dublin Castle
  • la doccia è rotta
  • the Cabernet from Argentina
  • Talkea Smidt
  • the most horrific bathroom I’ve ever seen, at CroBar
  • the very interesting discussion about “at worst, how much weird can a girlfriend appear to make it still a good idea to introduce her to one’s parents”
  • me falling in the tube
  • Claudio who isn’t able to make a proper use of bus tickets
  • the turnib-based kebab we ate together with Patti at 3 am
  • London is as boring as a small town, if not worse
  • the missed Children of Bodom gig
  • I don’t understand English, I’m Irish
  • 2 hours in the queue at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum
  • the cold and continuous wind
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • ma Vajont fa comune?
  • French rap music