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I am Michele Beltrame, I love computer programming, hiking the mountains and paying the bass guitar.

This personal web site contains a blog with mainly tech-related articles, plus some information about me.

Latest blog posts

Why web agencies should teach Markdown to their customers

Most of the software development I do is web-related, as I am co-owner of a web agency along with other folks who do graphics, marketing, and a ton of other different things.

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5-column layout with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is an awesome toolkit when it comes to build responsive web pages that work across different browsers with little effort. Its grid system is very well crafted, but it doesn’t allow to have a number of same-width columns per row which is not a divisor of 12.

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Valle della Loira 2014

Ed eccoci… con qualche anno di ritardo arriva anche il diario della Valle della Loira, con aggiunta di qualche giorno trascorso alla Duna di Pyla.

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URL shortener with Mojolicious

After getting a request of a customer for short URLs (pointing to way longer URLs of their web application) to print on small labels and embed in QR codes, I thought about using an URL shortening service. Then, I realized that in 2 decades of programming I never wrote an URL shortener myself! It didn’t seem a difficult task - especially since I just needed a handful of features - so I decided to go for it.

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Graphemes, code points, characters and bytes

The origins of Unicode date back to 1987, but it wasn’t until the late ’90s that it became well known, and general adoption really picked on after year 2000. General adoption was possible mainly thanks to UTF-8, the encoding (dating back to 1993, by the way) which provided full compatibility with US-ASCII character set. Anyway, this is an history that most of us know, and now it’s clear to the most that characters do not map to bytes anymore. Here’s a small Perl 5 example for this:

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