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I am Michele Beltrame, I love computer programming, Unix systems, languages, hiking in the mountains and playing the bass guitar.

This personal web site contains a blog with mainly tech-related articles, plus some extras. Most blog posts (all the tech stuff) are in English, but there's also the occasional Italian language writing.

Latest blog posts

Restoring and updating an Amiga 1200

I had been an Amiga user for a long time between the end of the 80s and the beginning on the 90s: these computers were ahead of their time, and I loved them. I owned an Amiga 500 (then sold) and an Amiga 2000 (which I’m trying to repair), both featuring kickstart 1.2.

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Reconstructing photo albums from a Flickr data export

As every Flickr user knows, a year ago or so the service became subscription-based. Initially I decided to stay with them as it was an handy service, but then I found myself not using it that much. Moreover, they recently increased the monthly fee, so I opted to download the photos and store them locally.

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Dealing with dates and times in software and databases

This post aims at pointing out some of the difficulties that arise when writing software and dealing with dates and times, and with storing them in databases.

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The Undergarden, a text adventure in Rust: 2 - Objects

In this second blog post I’m showing how I implemented objects - things the player can interact with - for a text adventure written in Rust. As usual, the full code is available on GitHub.

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The Undergarden, a text adventure in Rust: 1 - Sections

I’m attempting to write a (very simple, at least initially) text adventure in Rust, so I’m going to share progress on my blog starting today. This first post is about the sections, that to day is the rooms of a house for example.

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