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I am Michele Beltrame, I love computer programming, Unix systems, languages and hiking in the mountains and playing the bass guitar.

This personal web site contains a blog with mainly tech-related articles, plus some extras. Most blog posts (all the tech stuff) are in English, but there's also the occasional Italian language writing.

Latest blog posts

A Rust crate for EU VAT ID validation

I just published a Rust crate for European Union VAT IDs validation. It performs a syntactic validation of a VAT ID, without querying the VIES database: this is what most developers need, actually, because sometimes you can’t find a VAT ID (especially if it was just assigned) in the VIES database.

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My first Rust crate: tools for Italian codice fiscale

So here’s my first Rust crate: codice_fiscale. It’s a first attempt to release crates aimed at solving tasks which are very common especially in web programming: validation of credit card numbers, shipping rates lookups, and loads of other things. Some of these tasks already have Rust crates dedicated to them, other’s still don’t.

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Why web agencies should teach Markdown to their customers

Most of the software development I do is web-related, as I am co-owner of a web agency along with other folks who do graphics, marketing, and a ton of other different things.

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5-column layout with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is an awesome toolkit when it comes to build responsive web pages that work across different browsers with little effort. Its grid system is very well crafted, but it doesn’t allow to have a number of same-width columns per row which is not a divisor of 12.

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Valle della Loira 2014

Ed eccoci… con qualche anno di ritardo arriva anche il diario della Valle della Loira, con aggiunta di qualche giorno trascorso alla Duna di Pyla.

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