Michele Beltrame

Via San Francesco, 14
Maniago PN 30085

Born 1977-11-04

Areas of interest

My primary interest is software development, especially web applications. My main programming languages are Perl and JavaScript, but I also have experience with PHP, Java, C#, C and Pascal. I am currently learning Rust.

I love, use and try to contribute to open source software and operating systems, especially Gentoo Linux.

I coordinated or helped the organization of several software development-related conferences and workshops, and spoke at many others including Perl, Linux and open source software events.


2013 => present
Lead developer, Blendgroup - Maniago, Italy
Web and media agency which works on web sites, web application, social media management, and paper media creation for a variety of companies especially in the manufacturing field.

1996 => present
Owner and lead developer, Sigmafin sas (Italpro before 2013) - Maniago, Italy
Development of web site software (e-commerce, …), and specialized web applications for private companies and governement agencies.

Organizer of YAPC::Europe, the main European Perl-related event, held in Pisa, Italy, in August 2010, with a week of talks and courses, and over 300 attendees from all over the World.

2008 => 2012
Organizer of the yearly Italian Perl Workshop, the main Italian Perl-related event, with an average attendance of 100 people.

2005 => today
Owner of Michele Beltrame Editore, a small publisher specialized in mountain books.

2006 => 2008
Associate, founding member and lead developer of Aleapro snc, one of the biggest web agencies in North-Eastern Italy.

2000 => 2007
Teacher at ENAIP and IAL Friuli Venezia Giulia private professional schools.
Taught web development (mainly JavaScript, Perl and PHP) and other web-oriented technologies.

1998 => 2008
Lead developer at Alea Scrl, a small web development agency.

1997 => 2001
Contributor (mainly software development articles) for Dev and Computer Programming paper magazines.


Liceo Scientifico E. Torricelli – Maniago, science and IT high school.

Other interests

In addition to programming languages, I’m also interested in languages people speak: besides Italian, I can speak English and Friulian, I’m learning French, and I’m curious about the various aspects of many other languages.

I love hiking in the mountains - especially in the Dolomites near where I live - discovering unbeaten paths and enjoying nature.

I play the bass guitar with Iconocluster, a casual rock band. I also play some music from vinyls and other sources in pubs with The Common People.

On the road travel, especially in Northern Europe, France and the UK, is my passion in the warmer months: you can read several travel logs in my blog!