After 3 years of silence I’m contributing again to CPAN. At that time I sent Net::C6Term, useful to write Perl programs that connect to the pioneering C6 Italian instant messaging service and social network. However, C6 no longer exists.


I uploaded Image::VisualConfirmation, which can be used to create visual confirmation/challenge/CAPTCHA images. If you don’t know, they are those anti-spam things which - when you submit a web form - force you to copy a text you see in an image in order to make sure you’re an human an not a software: you can see one on the right.

There are other modules on CPAN which accomplish this same task (more or less). However, Image::VisualConfirmation is a lightweight wrapper over the Imager module: it creates the image, then you just get it, or get the Imager object and do whatever you want (further obfuscation, save to a file, …). I hope it can be useful to somebody!