The photos shown here document our installation, made between October and November 2003, of a WiFi network between two houses about 300 meters apart, with some trees in the middle. We managed to reach, with two D-Link DWL-2000AP access points, an average speed of 17 Mbps, which is probably the maximum achievable with those models in such situation. Without the giant dish, that is to say only by using two cantennas, we reached 15 Mbps speed.

We are me, my brother Alessandro and our friend Gliano.

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Alessandro on the roof Alessandro on the top of the roof, near the dish used on one of the sides of the WiFi bridge. It's a nice 1 meter and 80 centimeters disc, made by Fracarro, which was in the past used for satellite TV. You can see Friulian mountains on the background.
Cantenna and dish detail Detail of the cantenna which serves as illuminator for the dish. The access point is contained into the rectangular metallic box.
Cantenna and cables detail Detail of the cantenna, from the bottom. You can see the two cambles (power and ethernet network) which descend; also, you can see the cable which connect the access point with the cantenna.
The second cantenna The cantenna on the other side of the wireless bridge, in Gliano's garden.
The second cantenna 2 The same devilish instrument, seen from the front.
Full view of the second cantenna View of the entire structure on the "cantenna side" of the bridge.
Trees The trees located between the two points of the bridge. It's about 200 meters far from the side in which the dish is installed, and 100 from the other.
The original Cantenna The original Cantenna!
Shortening factor table The shortening factor (Ka) table.