Presentazion 0.60 released

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Presentazion 0.60 is out, with some changes and many important bugfixes and optimizations.

Here's the change log:

Version 0.60 - 2011-11-18
    - Calculation of font size is now much more precise
    - Padding settings now moved to CSS file, so they can be
        * customized without changing the JS file
        * be different from screen to PDF/print version
    - Fixed ULs and OLs so list markers are inside the div and
      there's no risk of them crossing boundaries
    - Some code refactoring/optimization
    - Allow comments in multislides (lines beginning with //
      are ignored). Took the idea from a fork by stevan, but
      implemented it differently.
    - Fixed a bug which didn't allow to have multiple
      multislides in one presentation (thanks stevan)

See the original blog post for download and other information.

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