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Amazon Kindle: a review

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Ok, I've been using Amazon Kindle for over two months now, so it's time to write something about it.

First of all, it's a very nice device: very slim, professional-looking graphite color and lightweight enough. The e-ink pearl display is incredible: sharp readable, and makes the battery last one month.

Ok, you already knew the features, so let's stick to what I like and what I dislike.


  • readability is great on e-ink Pearl, and you can adjust the font size and face
  • battery lasts one month (without using too much Internet, of course)
  • there are integrate English and American dictionaries to automatically look words up
  • both WiFi and free 3G connectivity work great and you can get newspapers, magazines and books from wherever you are
  • there's an Italian newspaper: La Stampa. Only one, but OK to begin with.
  • you can subscriber to newspapers and magazines and they'll appear automaitcally on your Kindle when available (provided you are connected)
  • it's very easy to send files to the device via e-mail (and it's free, also)
  • price is reasonable
  • the sheath (which needs to be bought separately) is well done, protects the Kindle and provides a very good LED lamp powered by the Kindle directly


  • the device can't read ePub files, for a commercial reason likely. Anyhow, you can convert them to Mobipocket using Calibre (but you'll often need to remove DRM before).
  • e-books on Amazon sometimes cost more than the paperback version (!!)
  • PDF files are not that nice to read (unless you get a Kindle DX with 9" display, I guess)
  • there's no Italian dictionary available
  • there is no decent app to take notes, which would be handy as there is a full keyboard. Something as simple as Windows Notepad would be great
  • you have to order the device in the US

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product and I use it all the time instead of paper books. Some things could be improved, and hopefully they will.

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