Nordest Perl Mongers plans for 2010

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In this post I'd like to point out some things related to Nordest Perl Mongers, as Andrew Shitov asked PM group coordinators to do. This will mainly be a short explanation of what we done in 2009 and what we plan to do in 2010. is a Perl Mongers group which covers the North-Eastern ("Nordest" in Italian) part of Italy. The group rose from the ashes of previous attempts to form a Perl group (such as and, which do not exist anymore).

What happened in 2009

2009 was not a very active year for the group itself, but not really because we're not active. Fact is that the most interesting part of our activity is done with the other Italian perl mongers as a part of Perl.It, which is now also a registered association. We organized the 2009 Italian Perl Workshop with the other Perl.It folks, and we're going to organize YAPC::Eu 2010 this year.

The 2009 activity of Nordest Perl Mongers mostly revolved around our mailing list: members reviewed some books and posted links to reviews there. Again, however, most Perl discussion (including IRC chat) happens in Perl.It space.

I gave a talk at the Open Source Day in Udine regarding how Modern Perl is a different concept than what many people who don't know Perl think of it. The talk went well, and was widely appreciated, so I hope it'll be helpful for the language in this area.

We were able to hold a couple of informal meetings, that is to say a couple of lunches. There was never enough technical talk in those occasions, but it was still good to meet the other folks (some work abroad, so you don't see them really every day ;-)).

What we plan to do in 2010

I have some ideas for 2010, even though I'm quite sure some of what we plan will skip to 2011, mainly because of the work we have to do for YAPC::Eu organization in Pisa.

One of the things we must work on more than else, is on recruiting new members and try to be more "local", so that we can organize more frequent meetings (a monthly basis would be great). North-Eastern Italy is fairly big and it takes some effort to meet: being more would mean that we could have some local "sub-groups", and everything would be easier.

I plan to keep on giving talks at events related to open source in my area. There are not really a lot, but there's always something (Linux-related mostly, but would do) scattered along the year.

There's also the idea to organize an event dedicated to "dynamic and functional" languages which could have some appeal. For this we need to talk with folks programming Haskell, Python, etc.

Well, I think this is enough for now! ;-)

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