Installing Perl as an unpriviledged user

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I recently installed perl 5.10.1 on a FreeBSD managed server I have in a datacenter. Being the server fully managed, I do not have root access, so I installed in my own directory. As usual, I typed in:

$ sh Configure  -de -Dprefix=/usr/home/mylocal
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Almost everything went fine, and I also noticed that the 5.10.1 installation does not require to be able to read /home (or /usr/home, the parent of the user directory, anyhow) anymore (it did so in 5.8.8 and 5.10.0); I can therefore install on an "hardened" FreeBSD box without requiring the ISP to make that directory readable for me.

What still happens is that almost everything gets installed where prefix says to. The installer, however, still attempts to install scripts (fex. perldoc, cpan, ...) in /usr/local/scripts (failing for lack of write permission, of course). To fix this I edited, looked for the installscript variable and changed it to /usr/home/mylocal/bin.

Everything worked fine, but is this an expected behaviour? Shouldn't prefix influence all the installation paths?

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I think your expectations are correct, but I don't know what went wrong. I did the same thing in Ubuntu Linux and the scripts went to the local bin directory, as expected. Looking in, I see my installscript was set correctly. *shrug*

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