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Using reCAPTCHA with Perl

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You all know: spam is a PITA. It just sucks because if you have a blog users won't like to read it any longer with all that junk. It also hurts if you collect user registrations or other data, as you'll need to filter the collected data and it always changes how software should understand what is spam and what isn't (as spam changes).

CAPTCHAs" have been somewhat a solution for some years. Requiring you to type a word which is in a picture, they should be able to tell if you're a human or a piece of software. First CAPTCHAs were simple and easy to ready, but soon OCR software was able to read them too; so they became more and more complex, featuring noise, distorted words, fancy colours, etc. The art of designing a CAPTCHA is fairly simple: it should be unreadable by a machine and as simple as possible to read for a human, as you surely don't want anybody to be unable to use your web site no matter how stupid they might be because they are unable to figure out a few letters on an image.

Since it's a bit of a pain to always have to change and improve your CAPTCHA images in order to keep spammers outside, I recently began exploring reCAPTCHA.

This article is about reCAPTCHA and is usage with Perl both directly with Captcha::reCAPTCHA and with HTML::FormFu.

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