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It really looks like my first working day in 2008 is not going to be that good. I have to send a contribution request to the Italian Chamber of Commerce before tonight (here it's usual to pay overwhelming taxes and then try to get some of the money back by asking for a contribution, but that's another story).

I've just been told the Chamber of Commerce requires me to enclose a copy of my visura camerale (which is, basically, a proof of company existence). It is to be noted that such document is released by the Chamber of Commerce itself, so they already have it, and it takes roughly 8.50 Euros and a 2 hours queue to get one (or 16 Euros and an online service). Anyway, I found a copy in my office but I discovered it's not good because it must be at most 6 months old, just to be sure you pay the fee to get it again (remember: they already have it). So, I requested one through my bank (which provides them for free to customers), and then I discovered that it is not good a well: just to be definitely sure you pay, the ones you get through the bank have a big writing on their heading which says they're not valid for any legal use (so, what are they valid for?).

So, here's my ultimate suggestion, should you have a similar problem: grab a valid document one you have and change the dates using your favourite photo editing software. They do never check it. Fuck you, Chamber of Commerce of Italy. Thieves!

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