My development desktop


Here's a screenshot of my development desktop: since it's 1600×200, click on it in order to see the larger picture, or you'll understand nothing.

Getting the 1600×1200 on my development machine was (is?) quite a pain: at first I needed to change my video card as the (very) old ATI one wasn't able to handle this resolution properly. After the change, my PC begun powering-off at random, and it seems the problem is the Nvidia video card. So, now I have another ATI (newer but lacking great performance) and I still need to dig into this. Fun, uh?


ciao Michele.
Per la tesi di laurea triennale ho iniziato a programmare in perl su linux. Avresti qualche dritta su che strumenti usare (anche plugin)?
Grazie mille! Salutoni!


Beh, dipende da cosa devi programmare. ;-) Comunque tendenzialmente basta un editor con evidenziamento della sintassi e code snippet!

A presto,

beh devo ammaestrare un po snmp ed hashes ;)
Tu cosa usi?

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