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Yesterday evening I went to the movies here in Maniago after a long time, and it was a great comeback for me. Bobby is a movie about the day of the assassination of Robert Kennedy, RFK. It gives a detailed account of what happened inside the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where Kennedy and his supporters were at first waiting for - and the celebrating - the results of the California primary election.

Ok folks, so I managed to go to London this year as well. This time Sabrina came with me, and I even tried a different place where to sleep: the very nice Ace Hotel in West Kensington. Anyhow, I'll let the photos speak... click here!!!

Unfortunately, I'm discovering my English pronunciation is becoming worse and worse (i.e. less British and more American ;-)). I guess I need to take some lessons, but I've got to find some not-too-expensive ones... ;-)

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