FIFA World Cup 2006


This is my first soccer-related blog post, as I've not been much interested in professional soccer for a few years. As you all know, there's the fucking World Cup now. England won it exactly 40 years ago, let's see if it happens again...

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Let's hope so!

Ah, great! - I was almost certain the first reply to this post would have been something like "you're too lame, man: you're Italian, why do you want England to win?". It wasn't so, that's good. ;-)
Don't miss England - Trinidad&Tobago on Thursday at 18:00, at the Gnu Bar!

Oh well, it seems England is in the last 16. There might be a match vs Germany or Ecuador... it's not uncrossable I guess.

Next match, Sweden - England, is Tuesday 20, at 21:00. At the GNU Bar, of course.

Well, I hope I'll make it tomorrow night because I missed the other two games!

Too bad you didn't make it, everybody except me seemed to be supporting Sweden last night.
Well, it's last 16 now, so the match - England vs Ecuador is live-or-die. It's Sunday, June 25, at 17:00.

All right, Ecuador is defeated (it wasn't easy, though).

Next match, quarter final, is England vs Portugal on Saturday, July 1, at 17:00. Now it's becoming quite interesting...


Let's hope everything goes well!

Let's get up, 'cos the sun eats the hours.

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