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After 3 years of silence I'm contributing again to CPAN. At that time I sent Net::C6Term, useful to write Perl programs that connect to the C6 Italian instant messaging network. However, Tin.It now changed the authentication system so it doesn't work anymore, and I'm therefore removing it.

I uploaded Image::VisualConfirmation, which can be used to create visual confirmation/challenge/captcha images. If you don't know, they are those anti-spam things which - when you submit a web form - force you to copy a text you see in an image in order to make sure you're an human an not a software: you can see one on the right.

There are other modules on CPAN which accomplish this same task (more or less). However, Image::VisualConfirmation is a lightweight wrapper over the Imager module: it creates the image, then you just get it, or get the Imager object and do whatever you want (further obfuscation, save to a file, ...). I hope it can be useful to somebody!

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