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Rating: 7.5

This movie comes as a nice surprise:at first you might think of it as not-too-serious romantic comedy, but then it proves to be too much in depth - and way too smart - to be just that. The story is about a man who suffers a fiasco in his professional life and, just before committing suicide, gets the news that his father has died. He then begins a journey in his father's town, and the subsequent events will change his life.

Although sometimes a bit "confused", Cameron Crowe's work is frequently as wit as Joel Coen's O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and often as enlightening as Tim Burton's Big Fish (two movies you should really watch in the unfurtunate case you haven't already done so). Oralndo Bloom's performance is excellent - and also fun at times - while Kirsten Dunst perfectly plays the role of the girl who is the real leading force of the film.

Pay attention to the fantastic soundtrack: almost all of it is wisely chosen American country rock.

All in all, it's not a masterpiece, but it's inspiring. It shows that Cameron Crowe is talented even beyond what he showed in the past years, which makes the wait for his future works quite interesting.

The Inside Man

Rating: 7.5

Some evenings ago I was at my uncle's place and he convinced me to go and watch this movie the same night, telling me that with Spike Lee I couldn't go wrong. He was damn right, this work the African-American genius is close-to-awesome.

There's the bank robbery and there's how they do the heist. If you dig deeper, the movie will tell you something about the USA society of these years: you'll not want to lose the scene when the Arab hostage exists the bank. Interestingly enough, even though the movie is all about money, almost all the characters have something they need to take care of, which is more important for them than money.

Clive Oven's performance in the role of the bank robber Dalton Russel is superior. Denzel Washington is fine as well (how couldn't he be?), while I'm not really fond of Jodie Foster (that's a general thing, it's not related to this movie only).

You should really watch this movie as, besides what I wrote about it, it's very entertaining.

After 3 years of silence I'm contributing again to CPAN. At that time I sent Net::C6Term, useful to write Perl programs that connect to the C6 Italian instant messaging network. However, Tin.It now changed the authentication system so it doesn't work anymore, and I'm therefore removing it.

I uploaded Image::VisualConfirmation, which can be used to create visual confirmation/challenge/captcha images. If you don't know, they are those anti-spam things which - when you submit a web form - force you to copy a text you see in an image in order to make sure you're an human an not a software: you can see one on the right.

There are other modules on CPAN which accomplish this same task (more or less). However, Image::VisualConfirmation is a lightweight wrapper over the Imager module: it creates the image, then you just get it, or get the Imager object and do whatever you want (further obfuscation, save to a file, ...). I hope it can be useful to somebody!

My Catalyst Gentoo ebuilds repository has now layman and gensync support, and it's listed in the official layman XML file.

Even though portage still seems quite far, it's not as impossible as it seemed before to see Catalyst into the official tree soon or after.

As usual, the beautiful HOWTO explains everything.

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