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Mika Bomb gig in Udine


Last night I went in Udine for the closing evening of Far East Film 8, and specifically for the concert of Mika Bomb, a London-based punk-rock band mostly composed of Asian girls.

I was expecting something along the lines of Bambole di Pezza, but it relly was a nice concert, whith energetic, Ramones-inspired punk77 with a grrrl touch.

During the first song the bass player had the output level to 0, so there was no bass sound until he fixed the thing before the second song. It was fantastic, just like Syd Vicious. ;-)

The University of Amsterdam funded a study regarding Internet blogs (such as this one, I guess). Many important things have been discovered, such as:

  • People are more drunk at week-ends than in regular weekdays
  • People talk more about Harry Potter when a new book comes out

Besides the obviousness of these discoveries, I'm really wondering why public money has to be wasted in funding this kind of researches. However, it's not enough: even the important British magazine New Scientist devoted an article to this research.

You can read it all in this story on The Register.

Today Elizabeth II, her majesty the queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - the best fucking country in the world - is 80.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Easter folks!

So, what's into the egg? The Catalyst Framwork HOWTO I recently published on Gentoo Wiki. It explains what to do to make Catalyst Framework work on you Gentoo Linux in a fairly detailed way.

Enjoy Catalyst, and enjoy Gentoo: the best fucking Linux distribution out there.

Hello folks!

My friend Falco just opened a new fabulous blog!!! It's in Italian language, which is for those of you who are getting tired of reading my (sort of) UK English writings.

The name of the spacious and eventful web arena is Monkey on Board. Don't miss your appointment with the top of the fun on the Net, jump on board!

Threading in Perl

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[ This is an article I wrote some time ago, so it's in Italian language. It was written in order to be published on a paper magazine-to-be, but then that magazine wasn't born at all. So, here it goes for free. ;-) ]

Questo articolo spiega i concetti principali della programmazione basata sui thread in Perl. Con le recenti versioni dell'interprete essi sono diventati infatti un'eccellete alternativa al forking

Buona lettura!

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