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Rating: 7

When I went to see this film with my friend Mitra, I thought I was going to see Rob Reiner's latest work, but I made a mistake with the day, and the cinema was playing Reinas. I entered anyway, and it was a mildly good choice.

Reinas means queens in Spanish, and the movie is all-Spanish, with that "brad and salami" way of acting and the not-so-excellent image quality. It looks like Almodovar - there are even the right actresses - but it's a brilliant comedy. It dives into a difficult subject such as gay marriages, but it doesn't take them seriously; even the characters do not take themselves too seriously. The movie is in fact about what happens around these marriages, and besides the main theme it talks especially of women: the mothers of the spouses. It's almost always so brilliant to be even fun, but it still manages to make you understand the uneasy situation of gay people who want to marry. With a smile, which ain't bad.

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