Pride & Prejudice


Rating: 9

This movie is the most recent of the ones based on British writer Jane Austen's classic masterpiece. Well, you all know the story, I won't tell it again; if you don't know it, please type Pride and Prejudice on your favourite search engine and look at the results. ;-)

Even though there have been other cinema versions of this novel, this one ranks very high on my list of most well-made movies. The 1800s British upper-class atmosphere is built very well, and every detail is almost perfect. This is a story about the somehow-rich, the very rich and the enormously wealthy, and the places you see all reflect their owners as if they were part of them: there's the Bennet's mansion, the Bignley's luxury house, and Lady Catherine De Bourgh's castle.

However, what really makes this movie stand out is Keira Knighltey's outstanding performance. The British actress is perfect in the role on a girl who always says what she thinks, in a society where she shouldn't. It's just like the way she behaved in Pirates of the Caribbean: the middle-class who just can't fit in her role. In a word: charming.


I'm a big fan of Jane Austen and I must agree with you, the film is well-made. However, I think that the 5-hour BBC version of the novel (it's the 1995 series with Colin Firth)is even better:it's brilliant and you should check it out!
May I correct a mistake you made in writing the article?
I think it's better to say "It's just like the way she behaved in Pirates of the Caribbean:the middle-class daughter.."

First of all, thanks for the "patch" to the story: I applied it. My English is a bit funky at times, too much self-teaching I guess. ;-) I started downloading the 1995 series with ColinFirth++ after you told me about that last Saturday, but it's taking quite a long time (btw it seems there are 6 parts). Well, no hurry...
See you, Michele.

Mmm, it seems like downloading it is not going to work. I think I'll go for the UKĀ£ 14 DVD version on Amazon.Co.Uk.

Hey! I hope you haven't already purchased the dvd on, because I have it at home and I can lend it to you of you want!


I'm afraid it's too late, I ordered it yesterday evening and it seems they're shipping it this morning and it'll be here on Wednesday. Oh well, not a big problem: it's just roughly 20 Euros.
Thank you so much, anyway. If you happen to own some other interesting "classic", I'll be sure to accept your offer. ;-)


Oh, I'm sorry you've already bought it... I hope you''l enjoy it! I have Sense and Sensibility on dvd if you're interested (with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet). It's not as good as Pride and Prejudice, but I think it's still worth watching.

Oh, good; I think I'll take Sense and Sensibility. I see it's directed by Ang Lee, a quite big name...
Well, I'm going to watch Pride and Prejudice before. I'll drop you an e-mail when I'm ready for S&S.
Thanks a lot,

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