Wireless hacks, 2nd edition

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Wireless hacks, 2nd edition
Rob Flickenger and Roger Weeks
O'Reilly Media, 2006
ISBN 0-596-10144-9
US$ 24.95

Rating: **** (4 out of 5)

I've always been interested in anything that doesn't have wires, and WiFi is the most exciting thing for wireless hackers of this millennium, at least as of now ._Wireless hacks_ is the book which tries to make all of this available and understandable not only to the hardcore geek, but to everyobody who is mildly interested in ethereal networking.

There are the needed tips to build an antenna (wether it's a Pringles, slotted waveguide or whatever) and the guidelines to mount it on the roof or wherever you need it. Everything is done usine the things one probably already has at home: chairs, tables, and the such. This book will probably guide you to save some bucks by giving you the correct ideas on how to reuse your hardware.

Once your network is correcly set up, you'll find here the right suggestions to secure it, and to find problems in it. There are a lot of pointers to good software available on the Internet, which you can/should use to create a safe and high-performance network.

Plus, there's a section on mobile phones and GPS systems: I find it to be the less interesting, but - curiously enough - it's located at the very beginning of the book. ;-)

The book is structured in hacks, that is to say recipes (there are 100 of them) of varying length, each showing you how to accomplish a different task. The quality of the hacks is not all alike through the book: for instance, the ones regarding the antennas are quite a bit more detailed than the ones regarding software. All in all, this book is an excellent choice for the wireless enthusiast: for every thing one would want to do, there's suggestion or a hint. However, when you want to dig more deeply into one thing, you need to look elsewhere. But - for it's good price - this book is well worth.

- A tip for everything that is wireless-related.
- Just US$ 24.95 list price.
- It's made for the home hacker: it teaches you how to use the things you already have in you house.

- Not all hacks are of the same good quality.

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