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The Register has an article regarding Ruby on Rails, the popular Ruby-based MVC framework for web application development. It's an interview to the author, who explains why Rails is a good choice for most web applications when compared to PHP (on one side) and J2EE (on the other side).

Althout I use Catalyst, which is Perl-based and in my opinion better in many aspects, this article is quite interesting, and RoR is quite interesting too.


care to share your view on the pro/cons of catalyst vs rails? (CPAN is not an answer ;)

I'm going to prepare a story on this, as soon as I have some time.

Anyhow, CPAN is not an answer but it can be part of the answer. ;-)


By the way, here's a "rant" on Rails, which doesn't seems so "focused" to say the truth.


I read that rant and imo it is probably 70% wrong, even if it has some reasons from a 10 miles perspective.

Notice I just hate some things in rails (mostly in ActiveRecord and in the testing infrastructure) so I think I'm not too biased ;)

Be the by, here's an interesting reason to choose Catalyst over Rails (well, it's more like Perl over Ruby):

UTF-8 support aint' perfect in Perl either, but at least it is there.


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