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Ruby on Rails on The Register


The Register has an article regarding Ruby on Rails, the popular Ruby-based MVC framework for web application development. It's an interview to the author, who explains why Rails is a good choice for most web applications when compared to PHP (on one side) and J2EE (on the other side).

Althout I use Catalyst, which is Perl-based and in my opinion better in many aspects, this article is quite interesting, and RoR is quite interesting too.

InnovAction 2006

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I attended at the Innovaction Fair in Udine, Italy, by running the Alea booth, along with some partners of mine.

The organization was a bit lacking: there was no Internet connection besides a busy and expensive Telecom Italia WiFi service; there was no logic in booth disposition; conferences were not advertised at all. However, the overall experience was OK, and I even managed to get some good commercial contacts.

Here you are a couple of pictures I took. In the first one I'm with Nemo, the mascotte of Alea booth, while in the second I'm an "evil guest" at the Omnia Studio booth, which was run by my brother and a friend of mine.

Nordest.pm meeting report + pics

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Nordest Perl Mongers managed to organize a lunch on February 4, 2006, nearly an year after the previous meeting. This time it was my turn to be the host, so I reserved the right restaurant in Montereale Valcellina. There were just 6 of us, it was a Friulian-only meeting. ;-)

Click here for the full report of the event, with some photos as well

Quiz: i figli di Satana


This story goes out in Italian language, since it's of... local interest.

Singore e signori, preparatevi per queste due foto (soprattutto per la seconda): i figli di Satana e la panza del mistero. Sedetevi comodi, appoggiate tutto quello che avete in mano, inghiottite eventuali bevande e/o cibarie.

I protagonisti della prima foto siamo - che sopresa - io ed il mio ex amico Panetta. La seconda immagine, l'aberrante budello di cui non è sopportabile la vista per più di 5 secondi consecutivi, rappresenta un quiz per tutti voi. Chi è ritratto in essa? Trattasi del basso ventre mio o di Panetta? Inviate la vostra opinione sotto forma di commento, per favore.

London calling again

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Well guys, I managed to go to London even this year, this time together with my friend no more Claudio. We explored some outstanding nightlife in gothic and metal places.
The most meaningful moments are coming to my mind at random. To most of the readers they will mean nothing, but here they go:

  • Claudio's super uncomfortable bag
  • dog races at Mida's Touch
  • events regarding Flavia at Dublin Castle
  • la doccia è rotta
  • the Cabernet from Argentina
  • Talkea Smidt
  • the most horrific bathroom I've ever seen, at CroBar
  • the very interesting discussion about "at worst, how much weird can a girlfriend appear to make it still a good idea to introduce her to one's parents"
  • me falling in the tube
  • Claudio who isn't able to make a proper use of bus tickets
  • the turnib-based kebab we ate together with Patti at 3 am
  • London is as boring as a small town, if not worse
  • the missed Children of Bodom gig
  • I don't understand English, I'm Irish
  • 2 hours in the queue at Madame Tussaud's wax museum
  • the cold and continuous wind
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • ma Vajont fa comune?
  • French rap music

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